Installation for HIGH FIDELITY.

Script to install HFSLchat on High Fidelity.


Installation for SECOND LIFE.

Second Life users can get the HUD directly from the Second Life Marketplace for free:
You need to wear it. You must have enabled the option "Allow the Media to autoplay" in your 'Sound & Media' preferences to be able to see the web interface.

How to use it...

When you launch it for the first time, the device is going to automatically register your account to the HFSLchat system.

When you will open it, using the HFSLchat button on the tablet in High Fidelity or clicking on the HUD in Second Life, you will land on the contact list.

The list will be empty when you will start. You can start to add contact buy using the form at the bottom of the page,
entering the user name (HF or SL one) of the people you want to contact.

You can only contact people using HFSLchat. (This system is a chat between HFSLchat users)

You can use the locker icon () to keep your contact in the list. (Otherwise they will be cleared from your sight when the chat log will be purged.)

The chat history are kept one hour after have been read.
Unread messages are for now kept for 72 hours.